Iraq Hospitals

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Universal Acarsan has been in charge of building five hospitals in Iraq, and three radiotherapy centers. This job was assigned to Universal Acarsan, a leading Turkish company based in Gaziantep, in Construction and Healthcare services, Headed by the chairman of the Board Mr. Selim Acar with the main office in Gaziantep, Istanbul and one office in Baghdad, Iraq. Universal Acarsan has been instrumental in providing excellence service in this field.


The 400 beds teaching hospitals are located in five governorates in Iraq with a potential for 200 beds expansion with a buildable area of 70000 m2 for each hospital. These hospitals are located in Basra, Karbalaa, Nasiryah, Amarah, and Hillah. The other three radiotherapy centers are located in, Basra, Anbar, and Hillah, with a total buildable area of 3000 m2 each.  Construction started in 2010 and expected to finish in 2013.


The Acarsan Group is one of the largest consolidated companies in Turkey and has companies in flour milling, Automotives, Tourism, Petroleum products, Vehicle inspection, and Healthcare services. The new investments in Turkey and abroad will bring the company’s total labor force to around 5,000 by the end of the year.


MK Assocaites has been also incharge of variuos hospital services in auditting, supervision and project management of five hospitals in Iraq, and three radiotherapy centers. This job was assigned to MK Associates by Univesral Acarsan, a leading Turkish based company in construction and healthcare services, Headed by the chairman of the Board Mr.Salim Acar with the main office in Gazientep and one in Istanbul .


MK Associates has 110 staff  memebrs working on this project among them  56 architects, engineers, and project managers distributed in Turkey, Iraq and Jordan.

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