Reggio di Calabria Design Competition

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The visual ideas seen here originated from discussions during a field visit to the shoreline of Reggio Calabria in Italy. I tried to sketch out ideas that were being discussed between Mario Pisani and a group of Italian architects.


Keeping the essence of the idea fresh and alive is the key. What I want a design to become needs to be drawn until I see what I feel; until my impressions match with the clients’ expectations and the site. I know how to keep it loose and flexible until I find the nicest design solution… until it feels right. It is being in the place where the designer waits for the answer; where one keeps drawing until it feels right and true. This process is not logical. Spoken language must be translated into quick thumbnail sketches and colored... so you can grasp the meaning on the spot. It takes a certain kind of personal courage to go into the unknown and trust one will find what is being searched for. The incentive is that the drawings and the impressions and the layers of butter paper and the visual information pinned on the walls in front of you will move you toward a completed design.


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