Crystal City (Case Study)

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CRYSTAL CITY DEAD-SEA RESORT is situated in one of Jordan’s most unique regional areas, the Dead Sea. It is within the spirit of this landscape context that the design team of MK Associates in collaboration with Sigma Architects and Engineers created a master plan for the winter resort complex. The concept, defined as the necessity to have hard and soft elements working as a harmonious unit, reflects the indigenous landscape at this lowest point on earth. Textural angularity, the mountainous ridge lines that make up the high elevation topography surrounding the Dead Sea, and the lush wadi canyon springs which break the harsh dry cliff formations, provided the inspirational design approach. This concept was developed to make nature visible within the built environment of the complex resort.


Includes a hotel, semi-attached villas and a wellness center which are linked by the main landscape feature around the lake. The entire western boundary of the Crystal City Resort is accessible to the Dead Sea. Creating a home is an important and serious responsibility. Residential design is at a personal scale, and I like the relationships that grow out of this design process. They are different from larger and more public projects. 


The Crystal City Resort complex includes several major areas which are all linked by water, literally or conceptually. At the entrance is the hotel conference complex with a swimming pool and terrace views of the famous Dead Sea sunsets. A round lake acts as a recreational focal point near the hotel and links the entire site as the originating water resource. On the opposite side of the lake, is a separate and more private wellness center with its own water feature and private access to the Dead Sea. Architecture, geometric and angular like the surrounding mountains, is softened by a curvilinear layout reflective of the gently flowing lines of a wadi stream. This can be seen in the layout of the semi-private villas on the southern side of the resort and in the hotel design itself. The property’s western boundary, the Dead Sea itself, was given special consideration as the natural end of the topographical hierarchy of the site.

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