Kamel O. Mahadin Residence

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Statement from the Designer:

The most striking points of the Mahadin residence are the use of architectural color and the playful mixing of plant materials. Sitting under the backyard one feels comfortable, as comfortable as lounging on the sofa on a lazy Friday afternoon. There is a forest of visual ideas to absorb; ornamental and evergreen, annual flower and shrub, palm and ivy set against a backdrop of yellow. landscape under the direction of one designer. I was given the freedom to maneuver the architecture, and to integrate the building structure with the exterior landscape. In addition the construction supervision also came under my umbrella, so I had added control by association with the
construction process. Creating a home is an important and serious responsibility. Residential design is at a personal scale, and I like the relationships that grow out of this design process. They are different from larger and more public projects.
This house began as a renovation project. As a professor in the Architecture Department at the University of Jordan, I like to experiment with different color and different ways of putting plant material together. Over the years my planting design has changed with insights of how plants grow and my changing design aesthetic. My approach to this backyard design is natural and organic. This residential design feels comfortable and pleasant, but underlying is a knowledgeable application of plant material and a controlled ordering of outdoor spaces.
I have the “ability to make nature visible”. Landscape architects “create environments that implement human activity and accommodate pragmatic necessity, but which stir fundamental reactions”.  These human reactions are for the love of nature inherent in us all. Regardless of culture, every civilization has a metaphor of paradise. It is a garden.

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