King Hussein Club

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The scope of this project included the placement of a new health facility on an established site. A large outdoor Plaza links the new health facility with the existing clubhouse resulting in a conscious example of regional style.


The Plaza, a dynamic space, connects new and old buildings in a natural transition. Occupying about 2000 square meters, the plaza provides a natural link between the buildings themselves and between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the new health club facility. It is a quiet park-like setting at a human scale in a bustling downtown area of Amman, Jordan. King Hussein Health Club links human to nature by providing a quiet repose for personal regeneration and refreshment. Color choice of the architectural facade is of an indigenous material which reflects a glowing light. Jordanian sunlight, broken by an over story of palm and ramada, shines through in radiant thick lines in the plaza courtyard. The atmosphere is ambient, a contextual fit with the topography and climate of Amman. “In an economically motivated society, buildings are viewed as economic investments with an intentionally short lifespan”.4 On the contrary King Hussein Health Club and Plaza emanate an establishment, a social and cultural repository. There is a continuum of culture building rooted in the firm foundation of the older building and extended into the new plaza and health club facility.


“Modernist by conviction at the same time firmly rooted in traditions of his own country and culture” I align myself with the thinking of Alavar Siza, an important influence in my design approach and an advocate of the vernacular modern context.


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