• May 16th 2017
    The American Society of Landscape Architects has elevated Prof. Dr. Kamel Mahadin,ASLA to the ASLA Council of Fellows for 2017. Fellowship is among the highest honors the ASLA bestows on Dr. Mahadin as a member that recognizes his contributions to the profession and society based on his works, leadership and management, knowledge, and service.
  • May 12th 2017
    Architect ,Landscape Architect Yazan K. Mahadin was an invited guest to deliver a lecture today titled "Landscape Architecture: Art for Survival" at Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon ,Turkey ... In the lecture Mahadin spoke about Landscape Architecture role in climate change and the relation between our discipline and the Paris Agreement for climate change. Mahadin mentioned that he was very happy and pleased that there are 196 countries joined the Paris agreement... During the lecture he spoke about our latest challenges with Landscape Architecture in the medettrianian, and he viewed a few projects that were done by MK Associates over 3 decades. At the end of the lecture he mentioned that it's the role of architects, landscape architects and planners to shape their cities. And it's there role to go back and study nature very clearly because it maybe our last best chance to survive the global warming issues and Climate change.
    After the lecture Prof. Cengiz ACAR Department head and Assist. Prof. Emrah Yalcinalp gave Mahadin a honorary plate for his lecture and his contribution for the departmen
  • May 11th 2017
    MK CEO, Yazan Mahadin visited KTU landscape department studios, and gave the students a few notes and recommendations... thanks to Assistant Prof. Emrah Yalcinalp for the invitation!
  • Sept 14th 2016
    H.E. Alice Wells Ambassador of the United States of America to Jordan visited our MK Associates New Headquarters & Middle East Academy of Landscape Architects Today in Amman, Jordan... Thank you your excellency!
  • Sept 1st 2016
    MK Associates moved to its new headquarter at Althair next to Rosary kilometer after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ... Sami Shams Eldeen street Building # 43.
  • July 10th 2016
    Welcome back Our CEO Yazan Mahadin! Yazan Kamel Mahadin is a Jordanian Architect, and a Landscape Architect. He is a recipient of the American Society of Landscape Architecture Honor Award for Excellence in the Study of Landscape Architecture, three ASLA Merit Awards, three departmental awards from Mississippi State University, and an Award from the Environmental Protection Agency EPA Rainworks Challenge. Mahadin and his team at MSU were awarded First place for the Come alive outside Design Challenge in 2015. Mahadin had the opportunity to work as an Architect and a Landscape Architect with Sawyer|Berson in 2014 in New York City, Carl Town Center in 2015, and Design Workshop in 2016 in Aspen, Colorado. Yazan Mahadin received his bachelors degree in Architecture From Cairo University, and received his masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Mississippi State University.
  • June 11th 2016
    Welcome Back Amer Mahadin! Amer Mahadin just graduated with honors and got his master degree in Landscape Architecture from Mississippi State University. We are glad that Mr. Mahadin came back and joined our team as a landscape Architect. Some of his Awards: 2016 MS ASLA Honor Award Pearl River Community College: Embracing the Watershed 2016 MS ASLA Honor Award MSU Landscape Architecture Courtyard 1st place in 3D Exterior Landscape Design at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition.
  • July 28th 2015
    MK Associates signed memorandum of understanding with Consolidated Consultants Group (CC). One of the most renowned architectural and planning design firm in Jordan and the region. This comes as a result of hard work of collaboration that too place over a period of 15 years between the two firms with the objective of marketing both firms in the field of consulting service in Jordan and abroad. The signing took place at the CC Group headquarters in Amman with Dr. Kamel O Mahadin the chairman of the Board of MK Associates representing MK and Eng. Said Abu Jaber the CEO of consolidated Consultants Group representing CC.
  • July 28th 2015
    MK Associates new achievement " The first Middle East Academy for Landscape Architecture"...
  • July 28th 2015
    Dr Kamel O. Mahadin new book " Matera Petra-Petra Matera" just came out of Rome today. The book is published in Italy by Liberia and will be distributed in Europe. The book covers the story of two historic cities; Petra and Matera. It comes in Eighty pages with selected water colors of these historic cities. The book is in both languages Italian and English and it is Dr Mahadin's first international book printed specially for the European market on the occasion of Matera selected as the 2019 cultural city of Europe. The book was printed in Melfi by the Italian publisher Antoino Carbone and its Dr Mahadin's fifth book. It should be noted that "Drawn Memories " which is Dr Mahadin's sixth publication will be out this July by the same Italian publisher.
  • February 21st 2015
    MK Associates has restructured itself where Mr. Hasan Mahadin is no longer part of MK Associates establishment. During his time with MK Mr. Hasan did an outstanding job as a team player and had closely worked with Dr. Mahadin in various projects and had led the work to an exemplary standards and the team at MK wishes him the best in his search of excellence in his chosen selected career work...
  • February 19th 2015
    MK Associates announces the return of Prof. Kamel O. Mahadin as the Chairman of the Board & CEO
  • February 19th 2015
    MK Associates announces that the Middle East Academy for Landscape Architects (MEALA) is now accepting applicants. Please contact MK Associates office for further information...
  • February 19th 2015
    A Royal decree was issued on November 12, 2014 appointing Prof. Kamel O. Mahadin as a Senator in the Jordanian Senate, Upper House of Parliament
  • August 8th 2012
    As of August 2nd Prof. Dr. Kamel Mahadin has been appointed as a chief commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority therefore he withdraws from MK Associates and MEALA as a Chairman of the Board.
  • March 26th 2012
    This coming June MEALA "Middle East Academy of Landscape Architecture" will be officially launched with MK Associates as a main sponsor. Richard England Franco Zagari, Sadik Artunc, Kamel Mahadin, will be among professors and practitioners to share their knowledge.
  • March 26th 2012
    A new lecture was presented by Prof. Kamel O. Mahadin on March 25th 2012 in Cairo Egypt at the Faculty of Engineering, College Club. A lecture that elaborates on the new book NEW HORIZON and the latest projects of MK Associates, which is his second lecture in Egypt after the revolution.
  • March 22nd 2012
    MK Associates is currently working as a joint venture with Zagari Architects and PAN Associates on the landscape and urban design of Marsa Zayed project in Aqaba, Jordan.
  • March 22nd 2012
    MK Associates won the project management of three radiotherapy hospitals in Iraq.
  • March 22nd 2012
    Coming soon MK Associates new book that celebrates 25 years of practice " New Horizon".

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